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CombiWhite C3 is designed specifically for combination printing with all narrow web ink technologies and can be used on all types of substrates.
The Combination printing technology is becoming increasingly mature, especially in the printing of alcohol and tobacco packaging, with the features and advantages of all kinds mode of printing fully flexing their muscles, improving the quality of our countrys printing products of alcohol and tobacco packaging to a large extent.
The FA-4 is a fourth generation printing press with the latest technical specifications Or narrow web UV-flexo combination printing.
Attendees will learn about letterpress, lithography, flexography, screen, gravure and combination printing and also receive a live demonstration of working machinery to gain an in-depth understanding of the different processes.
The deal will see OMET providing ICIs laboratories with a new cutting-edge combination printing press, which will be used by ICI to develop and prototype production solutions in the fast growing field of printable electronics.
Flint Group's EkoCure UV flexo and screen inks are the first-ever narrow web printing inks developed for use in combination printing.
The session will cover technology and applications for digital printing of labels, tickets/tags/flexible packaging, combination printing and its opportunities and end-user requirements.
It is also referred to as digital combination printing, featuring a modular system built on a single platform where the printing processes are digital.
Besides the usual range of formulation for letterpress, screen and flexo printing, Pulse Roll Label Products will also unveil the new SLM and SG UV Flexo inks for shrink films and labels and its recently introduced SF010 UV screen white for combination printing.
Flint Group Narrow Web also exhibited CombiScreen, a silicone-free UV rotary screen ink that is ideal for combination printing, and held its North American launch of Flexocure ANCORA, a low migration UV flexo ink designed for food packaging.