Combing machine

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(Textile Manuf.) a machine for combing wool, flax, cotton, etc., and separating the longer and more valuable fiber from the shorter. See also Carding machine, under Carding.

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NSC fiber to yarn will introduce its complete product range and in particular the latest developments in combing machine ERA40 and in gillboxes with the GC40 and the GN8.
2 Ply Spinning Auto Feed Double Head, Double Combing Machine with Sensors Motor & Starter - 6 Nos.
Fibrous cloth may be produced by the aerodynamic method in which the fibers are removed from the drum of the combing machine by a stream of air and transferred to a mesh drum (condenser) or a horizontal mesh with a maximum speed of up to 100 m/min, or by water dispersion of the fibers on the mesh of a paper machine.
1823 Edmund Cartwright, the English innovator who invented the wool combing machine, died
The costs for other machinery increases by 5% (draw frame TD 9, Combing machine TCO 12).
They can also be used to analyze combing machine performance an important facet of the entire production process.
Schlumberger and Seydel trademarks will exhibit the ERA combing machine well-known for producing high quality tops in wool, flax or delicate fibres such as cashmere.
The latest series of circular combs is exclusively designed for the new combing machine of Rieter type E80.
At the ITMA Asia + CITME 2012, Rieter presented the newly developed E 80 combing machine for the first time to the textile world.
Two samples of yarns were manufactured by the removing short fibers in combing machines.
Huge breaking and combing machines straightened fiber for spinning into large, fluffy rope forms.