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 (kə-mē′nē-əs), John Amos Originally Jan Amos Komenský. 1592-1670.
Moravian theologian and educational reformer, noted for his pioneering textbooks and his humanist view that divine majesty is exalted and not threatened by science.


(Biography) John Amos, Czech name Jan Amos Komensky. 1592–1670, Czech educational reformer


(kəˈmi ni əs)

John Amos (Jan Amos Komenský), 1592–1670, Moravian educational reformer and bishop.
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Noun1.Comenius - Czech educational reformer (1592-1670)
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The contract is the supply of hygiene and cleaning of Comenius University in Bratislava, as required by the contracting authority, including services related to the supply of goods to the delivery, the lining in place of its location and ensuring disposal of used disposable packaging.
It is a complete design alterations accommodation block and around the Comenius, Kohout 7 in Brno, in the scope of construction works interior layouts in this establishment sponsor, the existing rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen on each floor will be structurally modified cells (one or two rooms accessible from a central hallway with kitchenette and bathroom), in the 2nd floor to the sixth floor.
The school is currently linked with France, Poland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Norway in a Comenius project.
If Luke of Prague died largely unknown outside the Unity, John Amos Comenius (1592-1670) achieved a genuine measure of international renown, though he was fated to see the almost total destruction of this voluntary church.
This years event will coincide with the culmination of a Comenius "Life Long Learning" project with teachers from partner schools from Wales, Ireland, Czech Republic and Denmark taking part in the Eisteddfod celebrations.
The project is part of the European funded strategy, Comenius, which unites teachers and students from different countries, in order to promote cultural diversity, exchange ideas and create an international community.
The campaign was organised by the partners and members of the EU programme Comenius Lifelong Learning ''SUPPORT: partnership and participation for a sustainable tomorrow''.
AaAaAaAaAaAa Gul also held meetings with Slovakian parliament speaker and the main opposition leader, attended a business council meeting and delivered a speech at Comenius University.
President Gul visited the Comenius University in Bratislava on the second day of his official trip to Slovakia.
The "Sharing Legends" project, sponsored by the Comenius program partnered Estonia, Cyprus and Greece, and will end in July.
The study, held at Slovakia's Comenius University School of Medicine, included 100 patients with stage I or II OA.