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(Astronomy) a comet of almost parabolic orbit that reached its closest approach to the sun in Dec 1973
[C20: named after Luboš Kohoutek, Czech astronomer working in Germany who discovered it in March, 1973]


(koʊˈhoʊ tɛk, kə-)

a comet that passed around the sun in 1973–74.
[after LubošKohoutek (b. 1935), Czech astronomer]
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One year in particular stands out as being of special significance: heralded by Comet Kohoutek, cursed by the three-day week, 1974 was the year in which the Society celebrated its 75th anniversary, but mourned the untimely death of its general secretary, Herbert Stark.
After dispensing a few hugs of varying degrees of sincerity, I headed home, taking small comfort in knowing that like the Comet Kohoutek, I probably wouldn't return again for at least 100,000 years.
Master Ribot beats Comet Kohoutek (Ron Atkins) in the two-mile-five-furlong hurdle, and Howgame is too sharp for Charter Belle (Arthur Pitt/
The upswing in expelled dust, which is probably dragged out by the water vapor, should allay worries among amateur astronomers that Hale-Bopp, like the much-ballyhooed Comet Kohoutek in 1973, will fizzle, Weaver says.