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Noun1.ianfu - a woman forced into prostitution for Japanese servicemen during World War II; "she wrote a book about her harsh experiences as a comfort woman"
bawd, cocotte, cyprian, fancy woman, harlot, lady of pleasure, prostitute, sporting lady, tart, whore, woman of the street, working girl - a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
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Japanand South Korea share a bitter history that includes Japan's 1910-45 colonization of the peninsula and the use of comfort women, Japan's euphemism for women -- many of them Korean -- forced to work in its wartime brothels.
Unfortunately, the case of the comfort women was never acknowledged.
Bahala siya [It's up to him]," Duterte said in an interview with MindaNews last Friday, referring to Estrada who has jurisdiction over Roxas Boulevard where the statue symbolizing the World War II comfort women was recently built.
Ultra-conservative Sankei newspaper quoted multiple government sources to report that the decision was an expression of Abe's dissatisfaction with President Moon Jae-in's move to upend the two countries' agreement on the issue of comfort women, Korean women forced to serve at Japanese army brothels during World War II.
Yoshihide Suga, Japan's chief Cabinet secretary, said at a news conference Friday that"erecting comfort women statues in the United States and other countries is in conflict with our country's stance and extremely regrettable.
In June, 1992, she heard a radio program by a women's advocacy group appealing for comfort women to come forward with their stories.
Bronze statues of comfort women have been erected in Seoul in December 2011 and Busan in December 2016 in front of the Japanese diplomatic missions, reminding Japanese about sexual atrocities passed onto the unfortunate slave Korean women, kept by Japanese imperial army during wars to appease Japanese soldiers.
The Japanese Comfort Women and Sexual Slavery During the China and Pacific Wars
The Japanese Comfort Women and Sexual Slavery during the China and Pacific Wars" by Caroline Norma (a Lecturer in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia) explores the origins of the Japanese military's system of sexual slavery and illustrates how Japanese women were its initial victims.
Illustrative of the ordeal comfort women went through is the testimony of Chung Seo Woon in the book titled Making More Waves (Beacon Press, Boston, 1997).
Last Monday he called President Park Geun-hye of South Korea and said: "I wish to express my heartfelt apology and remorse to all those who as comfort women suffered much and were subjected to unbearable and incurable physical and psychological wounds.
Kishida read a statement for Abe at a joint press conference with his South Korean counterpart Yun Byung-se after holding talks on the issue of comfort women, a euphemism for Korean women forced to serve in Japan's military brothels during WWII.