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1. Characteristic of or having to do with comedy.
2. Of or relating to comic strips.
3. Amusing; humorous: a comic situation involving the family's pets.
a. A comedian.
b. A person whose behavior elicits laughter.
a. comics Comic strips.
b. A comic book.
3. A source of humor in art or life.

[Middle English comice, from Latin cōmicus, from Greek kōmikos, from kōmos, revel.]
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This summer, DC Entertainment launches a bold new direction for the DC Universe (DCU) that is even more inclusive and accessible to a wider group of readers as the publisher continues to evolve comic storytelling for its next generation of fans.
Katsura Sunshine said, "Rakugo comic storytelling is a uniquely Japanese art form, but it translates almost effortlessly into English and other languages.
There was something cartoon-y about all that blood, not really unexpected since it was meant to resemble the stark style of comic storytelling.
Accordingly, the official guidelines for middle school teaching, for instance, say, ''It is important to stimulate students' interest'' in such classic performing arts as noh, kyogen, kabuki and rakugo comic storytelling.