opera buffa

(redirected from Comic theatre)

o·pe·ra buf·fa

 (ŏp′ər-ə bo͞o′fə, ŏp′rə, ō′pĕ-rä bo͞of′fä)
An Italian comic opera of the 1700s.

[Italian : opera, opera + buffa, feminine of buffo, comic.]

opera buffa

(ˈbuːfə; Italian ˈopera ˈbuffa)
n, pl opera buffas or opere buffe (Italian ˈopere ˈbuffe)
(Music, other) comic opera, esp that originating in Italy during the 18th century
[from Italian: comic opera]

o•pe•ra buf•fa

(ˈɒp ər ə ˈbu fə, ˈɒp rə; It. ˈɔ pɛ rɑ ˈbuf fɑ)
Italian farcical comic opera originating in the 18th century and containing recitatives, patter songs, and ensemble finales.
[1795–1805; < Italian]
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Pynkoski's direction worked out every scene to its broadest potential and put us directly in touch with the Viennese-flavoured, comic theatre of Mozart's time.
As the author has argued elsewhere (Monros-Gaspar 2011, 205-209), female heroines in mid-Victorian comic theatre drew attention to unorthodox models of behaviour which disclosed the social headway of women and anticipated fin-de-siecle feminism.
It is dedicated to making comic theatre of the highest standard, drawing on clown, slapstick and the absurd to celebrate the live experience and stimulate all the senses and bodily parts - especially the belly.
All you ever wanted to know about the plots, but never quite managed to get to the end to find out, is explained in a glorious medley of music, songs and comic theatre, helped along by screen visuals, a marvellously realistic guillotine, a glove puppet dog and a scooter, among other things.
Writer and director Robert Farquhar (Dead Heavy Fantastic) met freelance performers Matt Rutter and Tim Lynskey at Liverpool Hope University and a strong friendship emerged, alongside a passion for creating original comic theatre.
The Ingenious Simpleton: Upending Imposed Ideologies through Brief Comic Theatre.
Two brands of theatre with characteristically different appeals attracted the masses: the comic theatre, represented by the companies of Naguib Al Rihani and Ali El Kassar, and the dramatic theatre, represented by the legendary company of Youssef Wahbi, which incorporated the biggest stage performers of the time.
The festival comprising various events including musical contest, comic theatre, musical show, painting and sports competitions will continue on Wednesday also.
Featuring a fold-out set and character masks, the comic theatre production is directed by Amanda Wilsher and features performer Ben Jakes, who played Michael Corner in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2.
She made her private life a national spectacle to whet their insatiable appetite for the comic theatre of the gutter.
Villagers from Clent and visitors from the surrounding area will be transported to 1890s New York when the COMIC Theatre Company production opens on February 13.
Gag whores make for good comic theatre, and unsurprisingly this is a very funny Much Ado About Nothing.