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Number: RV458 Commelinaceae Amischotolype sphagnorhiza Cowley No name Life form/habitat: Woody herb in old growth forest.
However, some families posses two types of anther wall development, such as the Commelinaceae having type I and II [13] and the family Solanaceae having type I, II [2].
6 Commelina Commelinaceae Batbatte shak paludosa Blume 7 Cucumis Cucurbitaceae Chindire shak sativus L.
In Commelinaceae many genera have monosymmetric flowers, often with heteranthery involved (e.
SC I P U Su COMMELINACEAE Tradescantia bracteata Small SC/NM 5 N P U Su CONVOLVULACEAE Calystegia sepium (L.
Plowmanianthus, a new genus of Commelinaceae with five new species from tropical America.
Floral organogenesis in the spiderwort family, Commelinaceae, has previously been investigated in 11 species from eight of 42 genera, three of nine subtribes or their equivalent, and two of three tribes in the family (Hardy & Stevenson, 2000a, b; Hardy et al.
Spider flower Commelinaceae Commelina benghalensis L.
Formation of tracheids, either by differentiation of pre-existing parenchyma cells, or preceded by a few divisions that could be considered rudimentary meristematic activity, has been reported in root-stem junctions in some Bromeliaceae, Commelinaceae, and Zingiberales, for example (Tomlinson & Zimmermann, 1969; Rudall, 1991).