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n.1.One who makes or writes comments; a commentator; an annotator.
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For instance, the first commenter would have slid into the inbox and after exchanging some pleasantries find out how Mary feels about her new size all the while listening to the tone of May's response is she confident?
One commenter even remarked 'Sisters,' implying the two girls looked more like sisters than mother and daughter.
One commenter wrote, "My husband and I would not be able to handle a child today or in the near future while I pursue my career, and birth control keeps me as a productive member of society.
I like Cali Rae Daniels version BC she doesn't curse in it and it's real," one commenter wrote on Facebook.
Issam Chebbi, secr1/2Ataire g1/2An1/2Aral du parti Al-Joumhouri, a refus1/2A de commenter l'information selon laquelle Iyad Dahmani, dirigeant dAl-Joumhouri et ministre charg1/2A des relations avec le Parlement et porte-parole du gouvernement, aurait d1/2Amissionn1/2A du parti.
The commenter is the potential source for a story or crowd-sourcing project.
For example, one commenter states that the Goldman Sachs organization was a key partner in a project that developed 262 units of new affordable housing alongside a mixed-use retail, educational, healthcare, and art space in Memphis, Tennessee.
Synopsis: In 'Confessions from the Comments Section: The Secret Lives of Internet Commenters and Other Pop Culture Zombies,' humorist Jonathan Kieran shines an uproarious and irreverent light upon 33 different "types" of internet commenter, exploring issues like religious hypocrisy, narcissism, and celebrity obsession while probing the hilarious depths to which human behavior will plunge when people think they are anonymous online.
Nature is now trying to spin the controversy as something that could not have been spotted prior to publication despite its own peer reviewers being on record as having rejected it," wrote commenter wooter.
com commenter "Fist of Etiquette" in response to "Colorado's Shadow Tourist Boom" (November)
A commenter identified as "Lesbians and Feminists Against Transphobia" wrote: "As someone who was assigned female at birth, has spent years in women-only space as a lesbian, who has been part of running services for women abuse survivors .