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n.1.One who makes or writes comments; a commentator; an annotator.
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Writing under the moniker Rourou, another commenter, said "the punishment should be financial compensation and she beats him back.
His legs may be far apart but he is only taking up ONE seat," a commenter claimed, adding that the hullaballoo on Madden's photo is "f*** ridiculous.
If you knowyou are positive, it is simply wrong to not disclose that fact to your partner before you have sex," wrote one commenter.
The controversial ensemble shocked the world, and one commenter gave a blunt response to a USA Today poll, saying she was a total inspiration, but unfortunately, the inspiration was from Victoria's Secret.
A commenter alleged, based on 2003 HMDA data, that Associated Bank had low levels of home mortgage lending to LMI borrowers and on properties in LMI census tracts, and to minority borrowers and on properties in substantially minority census tracts, in the Milwaukee/ Waukesha Metropolitan Statistical Area ("Milwaukee MSA").
I will always choose more information over less, so yes, I want to know what's going on in my body and I'll decide how to deal with it after doing my own research," wrote online commenter K2.
She married a Muslim man and there is nothing with him not being Saudi," a commenter writing under the moniker of Bint Al Khaleej (Daughter of the Gulf), wrote.
com commenter "Libertarius" in response to "Cops Give Seattle Stoners Special Doritos" (November)
The commercial was tasteless and thoughtless," said commenter and N.
As an ally to these families, I'm just thrilled with the ways in which men and women are finding ways to make family life feel right to them," wrote one commenter.
Another commenter posted: "Did I miss it, or was Farrah Fawcett not in the memorial tribute?
One commenter urged the OCC to approve the applications, citing improved banking convenience for small businesses in the Washington metropolitan area.