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Noun1.Commerce Secretary - the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of CommerceCommerce Secretary - the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Commerce; "the first Commerce Secretary was William C. Redfield who was appointed by Wilson"
secretary - a person who is head of an administrative department of government
2.Commerce Secretary - the position of the head of the Department of Commerce; "the position of Commerce Secretary was created in 1913"
secretaryship - the position of secretary
United States Cabinet, US Cabinet - a board to advise the President; members are the secretaries of executive departments; the United States constitution does not provide for the cabinet
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Speaking on the occasion, the Commerce Secretary said that the purpose of this International Summit in India is to reach out to countries and people in various regions of the world for collaborations and capacity- building in the healthcare sector so that this can benefit medical value travelers from various nations in the long run.
Olson joined Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir and Commerce Secretary Shazad Arbab at the closing ceremony of the third U.
Commerce secretary told the committee no law was in place to run the affairs of Export Market Development Fund (EMDF).
United States Commerce Secretary John Bryson has resigned, according to reports.
The former commerce secretary, who just took over as chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI), has the unenviable task of sorting out the unholy mess in the sector following the cancellation of 122 licences in light of the 2G scam.
Heading the bench, the Chief Justice Chaudhry expressed displeasure over the absence of Commerce Secretary Zafar Mehmood, saying, "Why Mr.
6, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Commerce Secretary John Bryson will unveil the findings of the Commerce Department's COMPETES report at the Center for American Progress.
While the Pakistani delegation was led by its Commerce Secretary Zafar
China economic ties must be rebalanced through implementation of Chinese market opening pledges that end the pattern of "China making and the United States taking," Commerce Secretary Gary Locke told a U.
President Barack Obama has announced the nomination of Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as Ambassador to China and the administration and Congress continue to push forward on key Free Trade Agreements.
A group that includes virtually all Republican senators said March 14 that its members would place holds on the confirmation of the next Commerce secretary and other trade-related nominees until the Obama administration takes action on long-stalled free-trade agreements, specifically the previously negotiated deals with Colombia and Panama.
Judd Gregg withdrew from his nomination by President Barack Obama as commerce secretary, citing ''irresolvable conflicts'' with the administration.

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