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also Com·mines  (kô-mēn′), Philippe de 1447?-1511.
French diplomat, political adviser, and historian whose Mémoires (1524) are among the most perceptive historical documents of the Middle Ages.


 (kô-mēn′), Philippe de
See Philippe de Comines.


(French kɔmin)
(Biography) a variant spelling of (Philippe de) Comines



Philippe de, Comines, Philippe de.
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At the outbreak of war in 1939 Maurice became part of the British Expeditionary Force in France and was on the front line along the Commines Canal in Belgium as part of the Royal Warwickshires' defiant stand against the Nazis.
He received the award for leadership and bravery in a heavy German attack at Commines just before the evacuation of Dunkirk.
As the Empress's taste inclined towards the gothic revival she must have felt totally at home, as well as charmed as 'le beau Louis' evoked the world of the Hantagenet kings and the dukes of Burgundy with the sword of Edward m, the hunting knife of Charles the Bold and a ewer with the arms of Philippe de Commines.
Le patron, Jules Lamblin, voulait diminuer le tarif a la pelote, et l'aligner sur celui de son usine de Commines, ce qui se serait traduit par une diminution de 1.