Commissary general

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an officer in charge of some special department of army service
The officer in charge of the commissariat and transport department, or of the ordnance store department.
The commissary general of subsistence.

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Brooke is commander in chief, I am commissary general, the other fellows are staff officers, and you, ladies, are company.
The worthy Commissary General of the Carlist forces was under the impression that I was looking at him; but what I had in my eye was a jumble of butterfly women and winged youths and the soft sheen of Argand lamps gleaming on an arrow of gold in the hair of a head that seemed to evade my outstretched hand.
Hodgdon was Commissary General of Military Stores and Assistant Quartermaster for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, and though the archives contain letters by three officials, he wrote most of them.
Stymied by the contradiction between the two documents, the Commissary General Maculano da Firenzuola negotiated a plea bargain with Galileo, persuading him, according to Blackwell, to confess in exchange for some unknown lesser penalty.
In the latter area, Davis's loyalty toward friends such as Albert Sidney Johnston, Leonidas Polk, Braxton Bragg, and commissary general Lucius Northrup come in for the usual criticism, as does his intense dislike of other officers such as P.
Congress also authorizes an engineer, adjutant general, paymaster, commissary general and quartermaster, giving birth to those branches.

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