n.1.An agent or factor; a commission merchant.
2.One of a class of attendants, in some European cities, who perform miscellaneous services for travelers.
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A commissionnaire remains all night in a little lodge at the foot of the stairs, and is in the habit of making coffee at his spirit-lamp for any of the officials who may be working over time.
I went down the stairs and into the hall, where I found the commissionnaire fast asleep in his box, with the kettle boiling furiously upon the spirit-lamp.
The commissionnaire, seeing by my pale face that something was to be feared, had followed me upstairs.
The commissionnaire and his wife have been examined in every way without any light being thrown upon the matter.
A few minutes elapsed, as you remember, before the sleepy commissionnaire drew your attention to the bell, and those were just enough to give the thief time to make his escape.
La profession de commissionnaire en douane consiste en l'accomplissement pour autrui, des formalites de douane concernant la declaration en detail des marchandises.
Les auteurs demontrent que l'affinite dans les preferences entre le principal et l'agent est commissionnaire de l'efficacite avec laquelle un renseignement est transmis.
Les auteurs preconisent l'assimilation du commissionnaire de transport au logisticien.
The impetus for this move is primarily tax authority dissatisfaction with commissionnaire structures that do not constitute a dependent agency arrangement under paragraph 5 of Article 5 and the perceived improper exploitation of the specific activity exceptions in paragraph 4.
After the conversion, the principal company owns all of the product (or materials, in the case of contract manufacturing) and indemnifies the commissionnaire against risks.
Donnant suite a une promesse du discours du Trone d'avril 2008, le gouvernement a nomme un commissionnaire pour realiser un examen complet des enjeux lies a l'administration municipale ainsi qu'a l'utilisation et a l'amenagement du territoire de la province.
Alors que j'attendais le debut de la messe de minuit sur le parvis de l'eglise Sainte--Agnes, a Seville, une commissionnaire du couvent raconta cette legende.

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