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Noun1.Pan troglodytes - intelligent somewhat arboreal ape of equatorial African forestsPan troglodytes - intelligent somewhat arboreal ape of equatorial African forests
great ape, pongid - any of the large anthropoid apes of the family Pongidae
genus Pan, Pan - chimpanzees; more closely related to Australopithecus than to other pongids
Pan troglodytes verus, western chimpanzee - masked or pale-faced chimpanzees of western Africa; distantly related to the eastern and central chimpanzees; possibly a distinct species
eastern chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii - long-haired chimpanzees of east-central Africa; closely related to the central chimpanzees
central chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes troglodytes - black-faced chimpanzees of central Africa; closely related to eastern chimpanzees
bonobo, Pan paniscus, pygmy chimpanzee - small chimpanzee of swamp forests in Zaire; a threatened species
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The bonobo is smaller in size and more slender in build than the common chimpanzee.
Scholars of anatomy and anthropology, most of them in Spain but a few in the US, present a photographic atlas of the muscles, skeleton, and nerves of both the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus).
Answer: Differences between the two living chimp species (the common chimpanzee and the bonobo) show that chimps have evolved substantially since they diverged from humans.
COMMON CHIMPANZEE numbers are down to 200,000 from a million a century ago and are recently thought to have become extinct in Gambia, Togo and Benin.
As egalitarian and peace-loving as the bonobo tend to be, the common chimpanzee displays patterns of male aggression and dominance in relation both to each other and to females.
The common chimpanzee is native to which continent?
The Toumai is considered to be a male hominid as it has a thick brow ridge and, judging from the size of the skull, was probably close to the size of a common chimpanzee, the researchers said.

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