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Noun1.common stock equivalent - preferred stock or convertible bonds or warrants that can be converted into common stock
stock - the capital raised by a corporation through the issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity); "he owns a controlling share of the company's stock"
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acquired 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of common stock and common stock equivalents of E-LOAN, Inc.
The three-year package includes the following key components: * Shares of common stock equivalents - a total of 285,000 shares that vest over time, beginning with 45,000 shares on Jan.
A major concern was the concept of common stock equivalents in computing primary earnings per share (EPS).
016 per share, subject to reduction if the Company fails to achieve specified financial and operating milestones and subject to adjustment for stock splits and combinations, certain dividends and distributions, reclassification, exchange or substitution, reorganization, merger, consolidation or sales of assets; issuances of additional shares of common stock, and issuances of common stock equivalents.
Robbins said the difference between basic and primary EPS was that common stock equivalents are not considered in the computation of basic EPS.
1) Per share net income figures are based on a share equivalent of 5,842,233 shares per common stock equivalents.
2) Diluted earnings per share are calculated using the weighted-average of shares outstanding for the period, including common stock equivalents, as appropriate.
While stock options and warrants always are regarded as common stock equivalents, convertibles are classified as common stock equivalents only if, at issuance, their effective yield is less than two-thirds of the average yield on Aa-rated corporate bonds with similar characteristics but without the conversion option.
a) Earnings (loss) per share is based on the weighted average number of outstanding ordinary (common) shares and common stock equivalents (warrants and options).
This repurchase will increase fully diluted net income per common share by reducing the common stock equivalents used in the diluted earnings per share calculation.
NYSE: ACI) announced today that its board of directors approved a quarterly dividend of 11-1/2 cents per share of common stock and common stock equivalents into which the preferred stock can be converted.
accounting rules call for the presentation of primary earnings per share (net income/ common stock + common stock equivalents outstanding) and fully diluted earnings per share.