Common council

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the representative (legislative) body, or the lower branch of the representative body, of a city or other municipal corporation.
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The COMMON COUNCIL had the appointment of all the judges and magistrates of the respective CITIES.
The first genuine specimen which we came upon was the mansion of a rich farmer and member of the Common Council of the parish or district.
Forgive me, if I am wrong, but I was told you were niece to the Commissioners of Paving, and daughter-in-law to the Lord Mayor and Court of Common Council, which would account for your relationship to all three.
Thomas Burton is purveyor of cat's meat to the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, and several members of the Common Council (the announcement of this gentleman's name was received with breathless interest).
we shall make our little orations about him in the Common Council, I'll be bound; before we have time to look about us
The Common Council has sanction a 40-year Smart Waters deal with Fulton County that could help the city secure revenue of $500,000 for 2016.
GDC's plan was presented to the Peekskill Common Council on June 15.
Denny served on the Worcester Common Council in 1904-1905; he was a state representative from 1906 to 1909; a state senator from 1910 to 1912; and a member of the Governor's Council from 1913 to 1915.
No architect could be a more appropriate recipient than Dance of such a comprehensive illustrated inventory of his drawings, because most of his buildings have been demolished: in London alone, these include the Royal College of Surgeons; Newgate Gaol; St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics; the Shakespeare Gallery in Pall Mall; the library at Lansdowne House; and the Common Council Chamber and Chamberlain's Court at the Guildhall.
The Common Council passed a resolution adopting the audit's major recommendations and directing the affected departments to make the necessary policy, procedure, and system changes.
In addition to serving as an Albanny City Court Judge and President of Albany Common Council, Mr.
When the congregation convinced the city's common council to pass an ordinance forbidding such sales outside synagogue supervision, eight members protested that the ordinance impaired both their civil and religious rights.