Common lawyer

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one versed in common law.
- Wharton.

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According to information collected by secret agencies, Shahid Hussain Jatio is the son of common lawyer who lived in a small house in North Nazimabad.
That is why I am resigning and appearing in court as a common lawyer," The Express Tribune quoted Sikander, as saying.
The unashamed Common Lawyer, of whom I am certainly one, who takes the Churchillian advice and looks back, can see in fact a very long way.
Unlike the civilian, who is more academically inclined and weighed down by doctrinal theorization, the common lawyer has traditionally cared about what actually matters; he emphasizes outcome, actual results rather than idle theory.
Unlike Elton's Thomas Cromwell, Palmer's common lawyer John Fyneaux CJKB is not a heroic individual architect, but his judicial reviews were important for how the common law intervened to regulate ecclesiastical temporalities.
When the common lawyer hears the kinds of expressions common in the defense of these treaties and opinions, when, for instance, the common lawyer is admonished to protect "human dignity," Jeremy Bentham's jibe springs irrepressibly to mind--that natural law is "nonsense on stilts.
Although trained as a common lawyer, Selden gave little evidence of the insular and ahistorical mental outlook shared by most of his professional colleagues.
Mr Jones said it would not be in Wales' interest for a jurisdiction to be set up along the lines of that in Scotland, which is so different that common lawyers from England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are not able to practise there at all without re-qualifying.
The historical setting thus appears to be defined from the beginning of Hobbes' literary career onwards by three major antagonists: priests (both Presbyterians and Catholics), Aristotelians, and Common Lawyers.
In the end, Charles I confronted a constitutional context dominated in 1642 by common lawyers and religious reformers.
It amounts to using the history of the framing in the way that common lawyers use precedent.
Despite the proliferation of writs, there was insufficient expansion of the courts" competence to redress injuries, not because of the actions of the Chancery but because of strong objections from the common lawyers themselves.