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Suspects Jose Alberto Pinaga, 32, and his common-law wife, Maebelle Belmonte, 30, came from the Batangas City port and alighted at Caticlan port in Aklan province.
Asked why, he said the girl gave his common-law wife, Lee, 35, a "hard time.
She identified the driver as Richard Childs, who had recently become romantically involved with Black's son's common-law wife.
Escarlan, of the Manila Police District, said the suspect was having a heated argument with his common-law wife, Laarnie CaAaAaAeA~are in their house when the suspect's father arrived and tried to pacify them.
Phu Lam's victims included his common-law wife, her son and her parents.
David, of Tipton, West Midlands, said: "She's been his common-law wife for 20 years and they have two children.
Many couples believe they have some protection as a common-law wife or husband, but this simply isn't the case.
You call the man and his common-law wife vengeful brutes; harsh words for lawabiding citizens who only wanted to see that justice is done, not pandering to murderers who give up their rights when they break the laws of the land.
His common-law wife, Estelle Denis, is one of the top presenters on TV programme 100% Foot, and she has returned from maternity leave just in time for Euro 2008.
He called in police who discovered his common-law wife, Karen Pengelly, 45, had sold them at auction.
Animal trainer Adam Gault, 41, and his common-law wife, Ann Murphy, 40, have been charged.
The dad-of-three, of Armstrong Road, Benwell, had a common-law wife Nicola who was three months pregnant with their fourth child when he was killed in a knife attack after a confrontation with Peter Stevens on a night out.