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1. A cylindrical arrangement of insulated metal bars connected to the coils of a direct-current electric motor or generator, providing a unidirectional current from the generator or a reversal of current into the coils of the motor.
2. Mathematics In a commutative or noncommutative group, an element of the form ghg-1h-1 where g and h are elements of the group. If g and h commute, the commutator is the identity element.


1. (Electronics) a device used to reverse the direction of flow of an electric current
2. (Electrical Engineering) the segmented metal cylinder or disc mounted on the armature shaft of an electric motor, generator, etc, used to make electrical contact with the rotating coils and ensure unidirectional current flow


(ˈkɒm yəˌteɪ tər)

a. a device for reversing the direction of a current.
b. (in a DC motor or generator) a ring or disk assembly that works to change the frequency or direction of current in the armature windings.
2. Math. the element equal to the product of two given elements in a group multiplied on the right by the product of the inverses of the elements.
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Noun1.commutator - switch for reversing the direction of an electric currentcommutator - switch for reversing the direction of an electric current
electric switch, electrical switch, switch - control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit
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Dudley wanted to show me the commutator on the exhaust-box or the windscreen, or something, and he was just bending over when Eustace jumped out from nowhere and pinned him.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Coils And Commutators Of Motors And Generators
Unlike DC motors with brushed commutators, Tesla's polyphase AC motor's current was created magnetically, not mechanically.
A network N is a set of n horizontal lines (called levels), together with m vertical segments (called commutators) joining two consecutive horizontal lines, such that no two commutators have a common endpoint--see Figure 1 (left).
The topics include large transitive groups with many elements having fixed points, threads through group theory, a p-group with no normal large abelian subgroup, commutators with wreath products, problems in character theory, lifting theorems and applications to group algebras, and character degrees of normally monomial maximal class 5-groups.
In this study, we systematically study the effects of boundary conditions on commutators of the form (1.
Mr Newbold was also a shareholder of Le-Mar Commutators Ltd until it was sold by Mr Hope in 1983 after he had purchased a 70 per cent majority stake in the firm.
However, the graphite commutators that were historically used in these types and blends of fuel (commonly called "flex-fuels") have been expensive to produce.
Van Dijk cites growing applications in automotive water pumps, temperature-regulator modules, fuel pumps, transmission reactor/stators, and commutators.
At the heart of the M900 is a 48V AC drive system which features motors without carbon bushes commutators or contractors, and which ensures efficient use of battery power and high torque for both drive and pump motors.
In the AC system, the commutators and brushes have been replaced by micro-processor controlled semi-conductors.
The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on industry sales, establishments and employment and estimates on up to 10 sub-industries, including circuits, microwave components, commutators, solenoids and transducers.