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(Historical Terms) an important Byzantine family from which the imperial dynasties of Constantinople (1057–59; 1081–1185) and Trebizond (1204–1461) derived


(kɒmˈni nəs)

a dynasty of Byzantine emperors that ruled at Constantinople, 1057?–1185, and at Trebizond, 1204–1461?.
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A fortified monastery stood here in the 12th century, from which Isc Comnenus negotiated his surrender to Richard the Lionheart.
Luke was hidden there; Comnenus King Manuel III, 1390-1412, presented Soumela with a piece of the True Cross; and for 1600 years the monks had taken care of the icon of the Holy Virgin.
In the 11th century, Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus made the first recorded reference to a distinct area of land known as Albania and to its people.