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n. Chiefly Southwestern US
A close friend or associate; a companion.

[Spanish, joint father, godfather, friend, from Medieval Latin compater, joint priest, godfather : Latin com-, com- + Latin pater, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots.]


(kɒmˈpɑːdreɪ; kəm-)
Southwestern US a male friend
[from Spanish: godfather, from Medieval Latin compater, from Latin com- with + pater father]


(kəmˈpɑ dreɪ)

n. Chiefly Southwestern U.S.
a friend, companion, or close associate.
[1825–35, Amer.; < American Spanish; Sp: godfather < early Medieval Latin compater; see compère]
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But few, if any, will be willing to take the money, given that a painful and torturous death would likely follow at the hands of Guzman's compadres in the Sinaloa cartel.
This week it was revealed that a ferocious amphibian terrorised its sea-dwelling compadres during the age of the dinosaurs.
These compadres work for the government--teachers, police officers, lawmakers.
Our work is our passion and our colleagues are our compadres.
As part of the Merchant City Festival, Pistols at Dawn and On the Quiet are at Brutti Compadres on Virginia Street on Sunday in Glasgow and they welcome Phil Mison (resident DJ at Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza in the 90s), while Craig Moog and Chris Devlin are also DJiing.
l dwer Their latest album Push The Sky Away is testimony to the fact that Cave and his compadres are still very much a force to be reckoned with.
PK)("Southridge" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the initial assay results from Trench #15 at Los Compadres (LC).
Fountains Abbey are also in the draw for the next round after a narrow 1-0 away win at Everton Foundation and FC Nou Camp reserves join their compadres after a 5-1 verdict at Mersey Harps.
Three COMPADRES talking to the audience as if talking to CARLOS.
DC, circa 1980, though most of them werent even glimmers in their parents' eyes when Minor Threat shared bills with Bad Brains, Having grown up around post-Soviet capitatalism, in a country that now hosts instructional millionaire fairs for its nouveau riche population, the Rusia n designer and his compadres embrace the spirit of Reagan-era hardcore with freshness a nd urgency.
All my compadres say they want to do it, but they're chickens," Combs said.