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n. Chiefly Southwestern US
A close friend or associate; a companion.

[Spanish, joint father, godfather, friend, from Medieval Latin compater, joint priest, godfather : Latin com-, com- + Latin pater, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots.]


(kɒmˈpɑːdreɪ; kəm-)
Southwestern US a male friend
[from Spanish: godfather, from Medieval Latin compater, from Latin com- with + pater father]


(kəmˈpɑ dreɪ)

n. Chiefly Southwestern U.S.
a friend, companion, or close associate.
[1825–35, Amer.; < American Spanish; Sp: godfather < early Medieval Latin compater; see compère]
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This is one trait they share with their Argentinian compadres who have also held a similar claim for the same number of years on British real estate, namely the Falklands.
This is one trait they share with their Argentinian compadres who have also held a similar spurious claim for the same number of years on prime British real estate, namely the Falklands.
Siempre el empecinamiento de hacer candidatos a amigos y compadres, de presentar candidatos con antecedentes nefastos o mala fama publica.
Pero los normalistas de Michoacan no son compadres del presidente.
Jazzy crooner Ashraf Habashy and his Buena Vista Social Club-inspired band, Los Compadres , will take the stage at the Cairo Jazz Club this weekend for some smooth and cool Cuban music that's perfect for a chill, unwinding night.
The 4th Annual Comadres and Compadres Writers Conference, which will take place at The New School in New York City, New York on October 3, 2015 will provide Latino writers with access to published Latino authors as well as agents and editors who have a proven track record of publishing Latino books.
But few, if any, will be willing to take the money, given that a painful and torturous death would likely follow at the hands of Guzman's compadres in the Sinaloa cartel.
These compadres work for the government--teachers, police officers, lawmakers.
Our work is our passion and our colleagues are our compadres.
While we call them our faculty, I count many compadres among them.
Funk and beatmeister Defcon will be dropping a live jam of beats, samples, psych, keys, house, bass, electronics and dub fx alongside compadres Brian Greene, Kab Driver and Kaidi Tatham.
Fountains Abbey are also in the draw for the next round after a narrow 1-0 away win at Everton Foundation and FC Nou Camp reserves join their compadres after a 5-1 verdict at Mersey Harps.