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As communicators, we should all be alert to the demands of maintaining the right company image.
More specifically, the choice of paper used in promotional business materials is a key component in creating a good impression and a positive company image.
In this way, we promote their products in the marketplace and in the minds of consumers, to build their company image as well as their brand image.
Based on the above discussion and arguments, in relation to customer satisfaction, service quality and a customer's perception of company image, the following hypotheses will be examined:
This month, CE talked to Alaska Air CEO John Kelly about his struggle to restore a company image tarnished by federal probes, lawsuits, and scandal-hungry media after the crash of Flight 261.
Across the board, the experts emphasize the important role played by the CEO in the company image.
According to Verispan's Pharmaceutical Company Image 2008 study, Eli Lilly received the most votes from psychiatrists as a top company in overall esteem.