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n.1.A making ready; provision.
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The results of the present research, in comparation with the results of previous studies about pairing naming with auditory and visual stimuli, suggest that pairing naming with auditory stimuli is more difficult than pairing naming with visual stimuli.
Comparation of Strategies for Data Replication in VANET Environment.
Of course, Neosilba species have a less sclerotized aculeus in comparation to that of Anastrepha and Ceratitis species (tephritids), but further studies are needed to clarify if the females of Neosilba species are able to use muscular power to insert their eggs inside the fruit pulp or if the newly-hatched larvae are able to bore the fruit peel to reach and feed inside the fruits.
The company aims to increase the German tourist arrival in 2011 up to 30% in comparation to the last year.
Comparation of specifications of measurement devices MarSurfGD25 PCE-RT1200 Drive unit yes No Price 10710 [pounds sterling] * 902.
By forming of model base - thermomap of healthy patients, patients with different degrees of illness and with their comparation with patients who are asking for help time by time there is a possibility of making software for simulation of development and attendanting of illness in different ages.
p madde gucluk indeksi ile rash modelinin b paremetresi ve bunlara dayali yetenek olcutleri uzerine bir karsilastirma [A comparation of p item difficulty indies with rash model parameter](Hacettepe Universitesi Egitim Fakultesi Dergisi [Journal of Hacettepe University Faculty of Education], 10, 85-94.
Two methods of precision polygon (multiangular prism) calibration were tested--"simple" calibration and direct comparation using high accuracy rotary table and an autocollimator;
Biomechanical comparation between tipping forces effect in labial lingual orthodontics.
Comparation of two Ovsynch protocols (GnRH versus LH) for fixed timed insemination in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis).
The number of places for experimental measurements will decrease after comparation with information of actual seismic loads caused by certain type of technical seismicity in this area.