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or bass line (bās′līn′)
A musical part consisting of a sustained series of the lowest pitched notes in the piece or composition.


(in jazz, rock, and pop music) the part played by the bass guitar
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Haswell's earlier pieces adopted the accepted vocabulary of linear progression, amassing extended rumbles and drones of complementary bass and treble sources, steadily increasing in density and volume.
Ultimately, the anonymous timbre for "Laissez Ia verde couleur" stands less to confirm what we know of Saint-Gelais's own musical practices than it does to point away from the sophisticated minstrelsy of a Saint-Gelais and toward a simpler musical culture working with a clutch of memorable tunes, for as James Haar has shown, S aint-Gelais would probably have worked from a standard bass pattern, altering the tune extensively and perhaps beyond recognition, whereas the anonymous source suggests oral transmission of a definitive timbre that may or may not have been accompanied by a complementary bass pattern.

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