Complementary colors

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When you place two complementary colors side by side in the garden - deep blue lobelia with orange celosia, for instance - each highlights the other.
The Layered Look: Pair together two polos, tank tops, or tees in complementary colors to create this popular trend.
The third square is for complementary colors that are opposites on the color wheel.
So, what do you get when you combine animal faces with complementary colors, value changes, scale, and drawing grids?
Complementary colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel.
Accordingly, the Plexiglas surface reveals compositions of red, yellow, and orange lights that slowly morph into gray, green, and blue; or displays complementary colors such as red and green, while white light intermittently makes visible the shadowy silhouettes of its internal mechanisms.
Fine-tuning their shapes causes the efficient separation of certain colors and their complementary colors, or the splitting of white light into blue, green, and red like a prism, with almost no loss of light.
Using complementary colors and keeping the space around a call to action on the site clear encourages consumers to spend more time looking at the site and focusing on the call to action.
Blanket America offers a number of blankets and throws in matching or complementary colors — the $79.
What made Chevreul's stamp on the arts was his theory of complementary colors and his 74-color "wheel.
Finally, place navigational icons in the same location on each page and use a consistent color scheme of complementary colors throughout the site.
5 -- 6 -- color) Handmade stoneware in complementary colors from Linens-N-Things ($24 per place setting) warms up the dining room.

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