Complicated fracture

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(Surg.) a fracture of the bone combined with the lesion of some artery, nervous trunk, or joint.

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At the A&E department of Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest, the damage was quickly identified as a complex fracture, she was operated on the next day and spent several days recovering in Ward 1.
Earlier, the court was told Suzie suffered a complex fracture and permanent scarring to her finger after a struggle with Mitchell in 2011.
Irish Turf Club senior medical officer Dr Adrian McGoldrick reported Cooper to have suffered a very complex fracture.
If it's a complex fracture, we need to do an urgent operation.
It appears that both the Ordovician and Alum shales have complex fracture matrices, which were predominantly responsible for the reduced amount of proppant placed.
The extensive complex fracture to the right side was caused by a "high force major impact" in the hours before her admission to hospital.
Mr Baynham died 18 days later, in October last year, after a complex fracture of the skull and brain damage due to the fall, the court heard.
The injury proved to be more serious than first thought and the complex fracture required additional surgery, and lengthy rest.
She suffered a complex fracture of her left elbow which required a five-hour operation and swelling and bruising to her eye and various cuts.
Thirty-five-year-old Neil Hayes, from Heswall, had barely completed the first morning of his Italian holiday when a tumble on ice resulted in a highly complex fracture of his lower leg.
Britain's champion jockey only returned to action at Sandown on June 7 after recovering from a complex fracture to his right arm incurred in a fall at Lingfield on March 16.
I suffered a complex fracture of the pelvis (fixed with metal for life), three broken ribs, and broken tooth.