Complicated fracture

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(Surg.) a fracture of the bone combined with the lesion of some artery, nervous trunk, or joint.

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All the above have limitations in their descriptions of complex fracture configurations, as sometimes important information might be missed.
Although Power has enjoyed a sensational spring, he suffered a spinal injury in January, while a nasty spill in a 20-runner handicap hurdle at the Galway festival in July left him with a broken cheekbone and caused a complex fracture of his left eye socket, with additional damage to the muscle on the floor of his eyebed.
Surgical treatment of complex fracture of the proximal humerus.
Computed tomography (CT) revealed a severely comminuted right naso-orbital-ethmoid (NOE) complex fracture, posteriorly displaced fracture segments from the anterior table of the frontal sinus and frontal process of the maxilla, a comminuted posterior table fracture, obstruction of the frontal sinus outflow tract (FSOT), and a small area of pneumocephalus (figure 2).
03 mm or larger hexahedral elements [7] was developed to investigate the complex fracture mode bifurcation due to differences in clearance between the welded plates.
Isolated zygomatic arch fracture is rare in zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture, representing approximately 10% of all cases in the literature.
The driving focus of Zimmer Biomet's Trauma portfolio has always been to equip surgeons with exceptional tools that can unlock personalized outcomes for patients, whether they are suffering from routine or complex fracture injuries, which is exactly why we have chosen to pursue this partnership with CelgenTek Innovations," said Randy S.
In this case, a complex fracture behaviour of the TGO layer was observed including the cracks through the thickness and along its interfaces [9].
Internal fixation is mandatory for younger patients but the results are worse in more complex fracture patterns, including fractures of tuberosities.
At the A&E department of Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest, the damage was quickly identified as a complex fracture, she was operated on the next day and spent several days recovering in Ward 1.
At 3 months post-injury, a repeat CT scan was performed to allow for three-dimensional analysis of healing of the complex fracture and to ensure anatomic congruency (Fig.
Irish Turf Club senior medical officer Dr Adrian McGoldrick reported Cooper to have suffered a very complex fracture.