Complicated fracture

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(Surg.) a fracture of the bone combined with the lesion of some artery, nervous trunk, or joint.

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The operational failures as usually occur due to various causes and show complicated fracture character.
He has complicated fracture of the left femoral bone.
Due to these differences, it is thought that LSW will require a more complicated fracture model to simulate its complicated fracture modes and bifurcations.
In case of complicated fracture, superficial over contouring of the restorative material over the fracture line and pulp chamber.
He suffered a complicated fracture which kept him away from the river for three years.
It's not a complicated fracture but it probably requires surgery," Riis said in a Tinkoff-Saxo statement.
And, as Turf Club medical Officer Adrian McGoldrick confirmed yesterday, the injury is a complicated fracture and "more serious than initially thought".
He had suffered an extremely complicated fracture and dislocation of his left hip and had also BROKEN his right collarbone.