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a.1.Suitable; consistent.
References in classic literature ?
But, when his nephew, leaning an elbow on the table, covered his eyes thoughtfully and dejectedly with his hand, the fine mask looked at him sideways with a stronger concentration of keenness, closeness, and dislike, than was comportable with its wearer's assumption of indifference.
Tenders are invited for Heavy Duty Motor Trolly Having Plate Floaring Cushion Beds And Back And Also Foot Rest For Comportable Sitting Speed 40 Kmph Carrying Cap.
All packaging recyclable store waste to be recyclable or from 72% to 80% by comportable 2010.
How much experience is necessary to redesign the legislative process in a way that is comportable to the characteristics of term-limited legislators?
Many laboratorians are quick to accuse physicians of orderinf excessive numbers of laboratory test before they feel comportable making a diagnosis.