Compound addition

(Arith.) the addition, subtraction, etc., of compound numbers.

See also: Compound

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This was a great event, a tremendous era, in Nathaniel Pipkin's life, and it was the only one that had ever occurred to ruffle the smooth current of his quiet existence, when happening one fine afternoon, in a fit of mental abstraction, to raise his eyes from the slate on which he was devising some tremendous problem in compound addition for an offending urchin to solve, they suddenly rested on the blooming countenance of Maria Lobbs, the only daughter of old Lobbs, the great saddler over the way.
tarentolae and Test Compounds 1-3 Hours after Compound Addition.
Data indicate that at three hours after compound addition there was a statistically significant decrease in corrected absorbance value relative to control cells with the [V.
tarentolae and Test Compounds 24-27 Hours after Compound Addition.
This allows users to chain together protocols with different sampling frequencies, voltage profiles, or compound addition parameters.
The system is designed to run all steps of the SPR process unattended, including protein immobilization, compound addition, biosensor regeneration and binding data capture.
Which got Frank L Appleyard, of Shelley, digging out a school book that had belonged to his grandfather: The Crown Arithmetic - Long Division and Compound Addition and Subtraction.
The BioFlux system allows experiments to include shear stress changes, automatic cell and reagent addition, automatic compound addition at specified time points, and simultaneous running of a control channel.
This technology senses dynamic cellular reaction against target compounds (including combined use) and determines their efficacy within 1 h after the compound addition regardless to the pharmaceutical mode of action.
The system is fully automated, making it easy to run all steps of the SPR process unattended, including protein immobilization, compound addition, sensor regeneration and binding data capture.
Automated compound addition during the voltage protocol provides delivery to the cells in 50 milliseconds, making the system ideal for ligand-gated channels.