Compound control

Com´pound con`trol´

1.(Aëronautics) A system of control in which a separate manipulation, as of a rudder, may be effected by either of two movements, in different directions, of a single lever, etc.
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This system for compound control is based on the company's latest versions of the DisperGrader 1000 instrument.
Simultaneously, the current structure compound control checking system "CRAIS Checker", developed by Patcore, which is used in Eisai's domestic research laboratories, will also be deployed globally.
We know elements in the compound control cell function and therefore, indirectly, genes.
One option is Flanders' CBR-BIBO system, which combines HEPA filters for particulate control, carbon filters for chemical warfare, odor and organic compound control, and an integrated air handling system to push air through the heavier filters and provide positive air pressure inside the building.