Compression member

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(Engin.) a member, as a rod, brace, etc., which is subjected to compression or tension, respectively.

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If it were true that the compression members showed strain, with the bridge only two thirds done, then there was nothing to do but pull the whole structure down and begin over again.
Besides, the early plastic strains of mild steel bars may disintegrate the materials of a compression member, decrease its ductility and at the same time cause its premature failure or collapse.
cE] = critical buckling design value for a compression member for the applicable [l.
Features include a patented compression member that loads the seat to the body without requiring a threaded nozzle or additional seals to atmosphere.
Features include a unique patented compression member, which loads the seat to the body without requiring a threaded nozzle or additional seats to atmosphere.
7] proposed modifications to the direct strength method for stainless steel compression members.
He covers FRP composites and metals, behavior of the bond between FRP and metal, flexural strengthening of steel and steel-concrete composite beams with FRP laminates, strengthening compression members, strengthening web crippling of beams subject to end bearing forces, and enhancing fatigue performance.
Light pours down into the central street-like space from a roof made of glass, laminated timber compression members, and steel cable ties with ductile iron connections.