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n.1.A computer{1}.
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It amply illustrates Bede's many-sided career as "a textual critic and linguist, a preacher and liturgist, a geographer and computist, an educator, a poet and a hagiographer in addition to being an exegete and a historian" (127).
The difficulty of calculating the date of Easter lay in the fact that the calculations required the computist to bring into accord the solar and lunar annual cycles, as well as the weekly or common calendar.
24) Abbo's arguments were based in part on the increasing discrepancies between contemporary observational evidence (for example, by the time of Bede, the date of the full moon associated with the spring equinox had changed significantly), as well as recognition of errors in calculation and transmission on the part of computists and scribes.
Most of the computists here, however, found different ways to defend the Latin tradition, placing the Passion in AD 12 with the Incarnation in either 21 BC (Abbo and Sigebert) or 22 BC (Marianus, Hezelo and an anonymous author of Limoges).
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