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A trademark for a communications satellite.


(Telecommunications) trademark short for communications satellite


Trademark. a privately owned corporation servicing the global communications satellite system.
[Com(munications)Sat(ellite Corporation)]


® [ˈkɒmsæt] N ABBR (US) =communications satelliteCOMSAT ® m
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This is a new generation of technology that will keep users connected on-the-move, combining the robustness and reliability of the Iridium network with the value-added services and years of experience provided by COMSAT," said David Greenhill, President of COMSAT.
Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA) has signed an agreement with leading government satellite connectivity provider COMSAT to establish a common global service offering of Ku-band very small aperture terminal (VSAT) services for the government and maritime markets, the company said.
The body however stressed the HEC and COMSAT to find a suitable way out to save students' future.
Addressing the 83rd convocation of Comsat University here, she said the government paid special attention for establishment of Comsat University in Vehari and provided funds on priority basis.
COMSAT Mobile Communications (CMC) provides worldwide services using Inmarsat satellites in geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above the equator, in combination with COMSAT's global network of land earth stations and 24-hour customer support.
The Norwegian telecommunications group Telenor has completed its acquisition of the COMSAT Mobile Communications unit of the US aerospace company Lockheed Martin.
Holman, vice president and general manager of COMSAT Mobile Communications.
Under their OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement, Lucent has integrated Netro's AirStar system and is responsible for deploying and maintaining COMSAT Peru's wireless broadband access network.
Usando tecnologia de punta, desarrollada por COMSAT Laboratories, COMSAT International provee una plataforma que permite asignar ancho de banda en forma dinamica que acomodara tecnologias ATM, Frame Relay, IP, ISDN y SS7.
Comsat, which is the couple's only major sponsor, is paying.
COMSAT applies this philosophy to the pay of its non-managerial employees through several new or modified stock-related compensation schemes or incentive plans, outlined below.
Via this ten-year, multiple-award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract, COMSAT will deliver the worlds most extensive portfolio of global narrowband and wideband services in support of multiple types of requirements, such as Interactive Services; Continuity of Operations (COOP); Broadcast Satellite Services; Direct Customer, Steady State, and Emergency Responder Operations; and Fleet & Asset Tracking and Reporting Services.