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 (kŏm′tĭz′əm, kôN′-)
The positivist philosophy of Auguste Comte.

Com′tist n.
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Frederic Harrison, also a member of the Radical-Liberal clubs, similarly accused Stephen's friend and fellow Higher Journalist, John Morley, of writing a critical account of his Comtist beliefs in 1871.
We know from Eliot's letters and from articles written by both Eliot and Lewes that Eliot hoped her novels would please her liberal and Comtist friends.
He also admits that there is a cost in terms of lost readership when one pursues this line too far, pointing out, for example, that a modern reader would sit patiently to read an account of Auguste Comte's contribution to sociology, but would lose patience with an exposition of the Comtist Religion of Humanity.