Concealed weapons

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(Law) dangerous weapons so carried on the person as to be knowingly or willfully concealed from sight, - a practice forbidden by statute.<- in="" some="" states!="" -="">
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With ready revolver to compel obedience, she let them up one by one, searching them carefully for concealed weapons as they stood with hands elevated above their heads.
Twice the count left the ranks to see whether the object of his interest had any concealed weapon beneath his clothes.
KARACHI -- The Pakistan Rangers Sindh on Friday recovered cache of concealed weapons from Naseer Square Shareefabad, Liaquatabad area here.
KARACHI -- Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, conducted a raid and recovered cache of concealed weapons from Naseer Square Shareefabad, Liaquatabad area here on Friday.
House Republicans yesterday passed a dangerous bill that would significantly expand the ability to carry concealed weapons.
Such is the practical guidance state universities and colleges in Kansas are giving students, faculty and visitors because of a state law allowing concealed weapons on their campuses.
Legally-permitted concealed weapons as self-defence measure has failed to stop the menace of mass shootings
Synopsis: A majority of Americans believe the country would be safer if more people carried concealed weapons.
Nineteen states have gone the opposite direction and have banned concealed weapons on college campuses, and in the other 23 states, the decision is left up to the college or university.
Sources told a local television station that the woman, who was spending the holidays in the area, had a concealed weapons permit.
INDIANAPOLIS -- With concealed weapons now legal in all 50 states, the National Rifle Association's focus at this week's annual meeting is less about enacting additional state protections than on making sure the permits already issued still apply when the gun owners travel across the country.
With the application process for concealed weapons beginning this month in Illinois, business owners who want to keep guns out of their establishments must now follow State Police guidelines on what signs must be displayed.