Concerted piece

(Mus.) a composition in parts for several voices or instrument, as a trio, a quartet, etc.

See also: Concerted

References in classic literature ?
Somehow the execution of this little concerted piece appears to raise the general spirits as with a sense of duty done, and sets the company a going.
But they have something to say, likewise, of the Harmonic Meeting at the Sol's Arms, where the sound of the piano through the partly opened windows jingles out into the court, and where Little Swills, after keeping the lovers of harmony in a roar like a very Yorick, may now be heard taking the gruff line in a concerted piece and sentimentally adjuring his friends and patrons to "Listen, listen, listen, tew the wa-ter fall
A dramatic writer, as few people know, is made up of three individuals; first, the man with brains who invents the subject and maps out the structure, or scenario, of the vaudeville; second, the plodder, who works the piece into shape; and third, the toucher-up, who sets the songs to music, arranges the chorus and concerted pieces and fits them into their right place, and finally writes the puffs and advertisements.
A composition which obviously meant much to him, it quotes and prefigures several of his other concerted pieces, not least the equally superb Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola which immediately precedes it.