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(ˈkɒn tʃoʊs, -tʃəs)

a river in NE Mexico flowing E and N to the Rio Grande. ab. 350 mi. (565 km) long.
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19, 2006 at Pasta de Conchos demanded recovery of the bodies which remain in the mine, punishment of company and government officials, and fair compensation for the families.
Only one of the accidents resulted in fatalities, but the incident brought reminders of the disaster at the Pasta de Conchos mine in February 2006 (SourceMex, March 1, 2006) and saw renewed demands that mining companies place a higher priority on implementing safety measures.
When worn, the conchos showed on the front of the blanket and were visible under the wearer's neck.
elongatus from Rio Conchos were taken in two localities in 1954; 1 km upstream from the confluence of Rio Grande and Rio Conchos (12 June), and in the Rio Conchos, 1 mile N Saucillo, Chihuahua (27 June).
For a jock-turned-actor, Brown has remarkable staying power; more than 30 years after his debut in 1964's ``Rio Conchos,'' he was still making movies, with a role in 1996's ``Mars Attacks
We are here at the Pasta de Conchos mine to demand justice for the victims and their families," said Jim Robinson, USW District 7 Director.
The conchos are likely commercially manufactured ones, with abruptly rolled over edges.
Grupo Mexico is planning to permanently shut down the infamous Pasta de Conchos coal mine in Coahuila state, the site of a major explosion in February 2005 that claimed 65 lives.
The company's product line includes leather in a wide variety of grades, shapes and sizes, leatherworking tools, buckles and belt supplies, shoe repair supplies and leather finishes, adornments for belts, bags and garments such as conchos and button covers, saddle, tack hardware and supplies and do-it-yourself kits.
The USW also accuses Mexico of failing to carry out safety inspections at the Pasta de Conchos mine, where an explosion killed 65 mineworkers on February 17.
19 at the Unidad Pasta de Conchos mine near the community of San Juan de Sabinas, killed 65 miners who were trapped underground.
Much of his effort focuses on the impact of population growth, drought and water use in the Rio Conchos watershed on water supply to the lower part of the watershed.