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(ˈkɒn tʃoʊs, -tʃəs)

a river in NE Mexico flowing E and N to the Rio Grande. ab. 350 mi. (565 km) long.
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The study said four areas are especially vulnerable to water scarcity: northern Sinaloa, the metropolitan area of Mexico City, the Conchos river basin in Chihuahua, and the Lerma-Chapala basin, which covers the states of Guanajuato, Michoacan, Jalisco, Mexico, and Queretaro.
5 billion pesos in the Conchos River basin over the next four years could create important water savings.
Canada Ancha is a suburb of the city of Ojinaga and San Juan is located about 23 kilometers south of Ojinaga along the Conchos River (Fig.