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Whenever appropriate, the integration interval was additionally adjusted so as to achieve concordancy (within error) between [sup.
The bypass tract of WPW was left posteroseptal (Type A WPW) with delta wave and positive concordancy of QRS complexes in precordial leads (shown in Fig.
1999, Kim & Powell 2009) and the scale of this concordancy was often hundreds of kilometers, lending additional support for the analytical approach adopted herein which focused on yearly changes in metrics within regions.
Arthur Hopton, in his Concordancy of Yeares (1612), complains that works like the "Perpetuall Prognostication" do not list useful--and variable--information such as "the true place of the Moone, for her Conjunctions and Oppositions, with other things of like consequence.
The overall concordancy rate for all reference diagnoses varied from 94.