n.1.The compiler of a concordance.
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Or should we dispute the science and suggest the data is open to multiple concordist interpretations?
4) For a lucid mapping out of the various concordist positions, see Deborah B.
This approach is recognizable in that those who employ it, at first, resist the implications of new research that conflict with their concordist expectations, often deferring a decision on the claim of insufficient evidence.
Unsurprisingly, a concordist assumption applied to the early chapters of the Bible is the driving force behind the arguments.
Lamoureux also spends a significant amount of time showing the concordist attempts of young-earth creationists and progressive creationists to recreate cosmology in a way that would reflect the biblical narrative.
I do not think that I am, and probably neither does Hugh Ross, who is a concordist (see the debate between Paul Seely and Hugh Ross in the March 2007 PSCF).
4) I prefer to qualify this term as "scientific concordism" in order to include a wide variety of concordist views--from the strict literalism of creation science, to general harmonization of the days of Genesis 1 with cosmological and geological epochs of hundreds of millions of years, to the minimalist approaches which simply align Gen.
Concordist schemes are eschewed in favor of broad pictures that emphasize the immanence of God and a different view of redemptive history.
Next, the authors discuss concordist and nonconcordist positions on Genesis and science before moving to a thorough and concise presentation of the basis of origins from the sciences of geology, cosmology, astronomy, biology, and genetics.
One wonders whether the latter expression would also apply to Renaissance philosophers who exhibited concordist tendencies, such as Ficino and Giovanni Pico, among others.
To win the allegiance of the common people to the settlement, a deacon in Dresden, Caspar Fuger, published a simple explanation and defense of the Concordist effort intended to convince the common people of the legitimacy of the Book of Concord.
Of course, Augustine was led by a concordist hermeneutic to these conclusions about the physical world, like nearly everyone else throughout most of church history.
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