Conditions of sale

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the terms on which it is proposed to sell property by auction; also, the instrument containing or expressing these terms.
- Shak.

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Bidders are encouraged to review the conditions of sale prior to purchasing any of the vessels.
We have been trying in vain to obtain the conditions of sale to see if there were any clauses for the protection of the many tenants occupying the estate.
A CLAUSE in Keeneland's conditions of sale has been deemed "unconscionable" by a Fayette Circuit Court judge, writes Nancy Sexton.
The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac residential forms do not include lines for conditions of sale and expenditures immediately after purchase, but otherwise the adjustments mentioned in The Appraisal of Real Estate are present, although in a different order.
Comparing factors such as location, time of sale, physical characteristics, conditions of sale and terms of financing, adjustments are made to the sale price of each selected comparable property.
Normally this is achieved by ensuring that a retention of title (ROT) clause is included in their terms and conditions of sale.
Readers will learn what thoroughbred horses cost, what the conditions of sale mean, how to read a catalog page, the role veterinarians play, how buyers can protect themselves, and much more.
When attending an auction, you should read the Conditions of Sale which explain your rights when buying a car at auction.
The LOA lists the items and services, estimated costs, and the terms and conditions of sale.
While normal terms and conditions of sale, including regulatory approval, must be met prior to closing, both companies say they are confident that the purchase will be finalized in the near future.
Unless you carefully spell out your terms and conditions of sale, it is simply a question of time until serious problems and large legal liabilities occur.

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