a.1.Conducive; tending.
Conducent to the good success of this business.
- Abp. Laud.
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Nutrient depletion disturbs normal biochemical controls and the healthy physiological equilibrium, potentially favoring a state conducent to chronic disease (l, 5).
Miller has entrepreneurial experience having co-founded Conducent Technologies, an infrastructure technology company, and he later founded iSage Capital, a venture capital firm.
Additionally, he has held high-level corporate, sales, and marketing positions at IT companies such as Conducent Technologies, Inc.
Engle who most recently held a key business development post with Breakaway Solutions, an Internet consulting firm in New York City, also previously served as director of business development for Conducent Technologies of Harrisburg.
Shipment of more than a dozen new products, including StuffIt(TM) for Windows; -- Shipment of five product upgrades, including Aladdin StuffIt Expander(TM) for Windows, which exceeded 3 million downloads for the year; -- Entrance into the Palm market with the introduction of HotTime(TM) and GoBar(TM); -- Public Beta Test of Expander for Linux; -- Expansion of our group of International distribution partners (including the UK, Spain, France and Germany); -- Partnership with Conducent to provide free ad-support software (allowing the user to opt out of the ads for a fee); -- Launch of first affiliate program to help Web site owners earn money for visits and purchases.
Additionally, he is chairman of Conducent Technologies; a board member of Salvage Direct, XML Solutions, Ennovate, and CyberCFO; and a technical advisor to StorageNetworks and Quova.
Miller was and remains a limited partner with Schoffstall Ventures; co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing for Conducent, Inc.
Conducent (2116), originator of the Desktop Media Network, will announce an agreement with Aladdin Systems, Inc.
Dahl serves as a member of the board of directors for the Bank of Alameda, Conducent Communications, NorthPoint Communications, Jovial Test Equipment, Momentum Business Applications, Zhone Technologies, Kabira and vPacket Communications.
His prestigious track record also includes co-founder and CTO of PSINet, founding director of Go2Net, co-founder and former chairman of the Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX), board member of Ascend Communications, board member of Smart Ray Networks, technical advisory board member of Storage Networks, board member of XML Solutions and founder and CEO of Conducent Technology.