Coney Island

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Co·ney Island 1

A district of Brooklyn, New York, on the Atlantic Ocean. It became famous in the early 1900s for its boardwalk and amusement park.

Co·ney Island 2

A frankfurter served in a bun with condiments, especially meat sauce and onions.

Coney Island

(Placename) an island off the S shore of Long Island, New York: site of a large amusement park

Co′ney Is′land

(ˈkoʊ ni)
an area in S Brooklyn in New York City: amusement park and beach.
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Noun1.Coney Island - a section of Brooklyn on the AtlanticConey Island - a section of Brooklyn on the Atlantic; known as an amusement center
Brooklyn - a borough of New York City
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was the owner of several hundred lots on the island of Manhattan; of one hundred and twenty-three in the city of Brooklyn; of nearly as many in Williamsburg; of large undivided interests in Milwaukie, Chicago, Rock River, Moonville, and other similar places; besides owning a considerable part of a place called Coney Island.
Baynum Painting is a key part of the team undertaking the multi-year refurbishing project of the Cyclone at Coney Island.
Coney Island Brewery will make a welcome and lively addition to the Coney Island scene, where authenticity, fun and a touch of the unexpected meet.
Debuting on Friday, July 3 at Stillwell Avenue and Wonder Wheel Way in Coney Island, Trapeze School New York will offer classes for all ability levels ages six and up.
Thor Equities brings Coney Art Walls from street artists to his Bowery Street site adjacent to the Coney Island Boardwalk
Coney Island, according to photography critic Vince Aletti, is "a place where privacy is a state of mind.
Newman's association with Coney Island is serendipity, the return of a born-and-bred New Yorker to a quintessential New York brand franchise, courtesy of Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Co.
It is an event unique to Coney Island, and is one of the nation's largest art parades, based on the island's original Mardi Gras which used to take place in the early 19th century.
In a reversal, Zamperla is not just courting Brooklyn staples such as Tom's, but asking long-time Coney Island mainstays Ruby's Bar and Paul's Daughter, who it had previously worked to evict, to stay put.
Esquire has dubbed Coney Island as one of the 27 best places in the U.
Yiani Coney Island customers will be able to purchase a special $5 breakfast on Sundays through April to raise funds.
9's Coney Island conjures up both the magical history and the reawakening of this beachfront paradise.