Confederate Army

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Noun1.Confederate Army - the southern army during the American Civil WarConfederate Army - the southern army during the American Civil War
army, ground forces, regular army - a permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state
gray, grey - any organization or party whose uniforms or badges are grey; "the Confederate army was a vast grey"
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Synopsis: In September 1865 Eli Calhoon, Lieutenant Colonel, Confederate States Army, returns to his war-ravaged plantation home, Camellia Creek, outside Port Gibson, Mississippi, resolved to begin again.
One hundred and forty-eight years ago, Major General George Gordon Meade, later a Union General, fought and defeated the Confederate States Army commanded by Robert Edward Lee, the commanding general of the Confederate States Army.
Either southerners served in the Confederate States Army (classified as loyal) or they did not (disloyal), and in this overly simplistic view, principals who did not serve fit into the disloyal category.

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