Confession of faith

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a formulary containing the articles of faith; a creed.

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It is the Countess's interest to see the humorous side of this confession of faith.
If you want to hear my confession of faith on the subject, I tell you that in your quarrel with Sergey Ivanovitch I take neither side.
And with this simple confession of faith, the love-stricken dragoon left her to execute his part of the project which she had formed for the pair.
I have been greatly impressed by a sort of political confession of faith.
He repeated this defence, this excuse, this confession of faith, with wearisome iteration.
He had indeed been making his confession of faith, had he only known it; and its effect was to make Jukes, on the other side of the door, stand scratching his head for a good while.
And drawing a painful breath, Sonia read distinctly and forcibly as though she were making a public confession of faith.
But the old man was at his last gasp, and had barely murmured his confession of faith when he expired.
Ezigbo's essay, no less than Timoteo Gener's overview on Asian Christologies and Martinez-Olivieri's reflection on the relationship between Christology and Latin American liberation theology, clearly shows how contemporary Christologies are rooted in the same confession of faith, but nonetheless require "a plurality of tongues-languages, vocabulary, and concepts" (35).
Sincere recitation of this confession of faith before two Muslims is the sole requirement for those who wish to join the Muslim community.
This confession of faith that we make in the Nicene Creed crosses theological and cultural divides.
In this, he made a confession of faith and began to follow.