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n.1.A confessional.
a.1.Pertaining to auricular confession; as, a confessionary litany.
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The confessionary also enabled the strict policing of the sexual conduct of the various indigenous communities.
Greece's Education Minister Nikos Filis argues that reform of religious instruction, which has a confessionary character, was necessary so that it becomes a lesson pursuing the knowledge of religions, with particular emphasis on the role played by Orthodoxy in Greek traditions and culture.
It was startling to notice that specially leading confessionary shop' kitchens were filthy by any standards.
Constitution supersedes state law, the same confessionary onus applies
A former member of the defence team, Advocate Riaz Akram Cheema, said that Lakhvi and the others were framed on the basis of the confessionary statement by Ajmal Kasab.
On a confessionary note, she adds, " At some point in life, after a bad day at work or home, you will want to quit juggling everything and take it easy.