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n.1.Community of limits; contiguity.
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com, an on-line financial and payment company which he merged a year later with a similar firm, Confinity.
PayPal was formed by the merger of Confinity with X.
was founded in December 1998, and is owned by Confinity, Inc.
and abroad with Pacific Bell Internet and Information Services groups, Compaq, Confinity, CustomTracks, and Cox Interactive Media.
TV, CommercialWare, Commerx, Community Of Science, CompuCredit, Concierge Club, Conductus, Confer Software, Confinity, ConnectSouth, Convergent Networks, Corio, Covad Communications, CraftClick.
To officially launch Confinity and preview the PayPal service, a representative of Nokia Ventures demonstrated the product by using his handheld organizer to "beam" $3 million to Confinity CEO Peter Thiel.
Note to Editors: PayPal is a trademark of Confinity, Inc.
was founded in December, 1998, and is owned by Confinity Inc.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Confinity, a pioneer in the future of mobile payments, today launched PayPal.
Beaming money instantly, anytime and anywhere, is the next killer application for web users," said Peter Thiel, Chief Executive Officer of Confinity.
Analysts forecast approximately one billion handheld web-enabled devices in use worldwide by 2003, and Confinity aims to make PayPal available on all of them.
com expands the number of credit card terminals from 16 million to more than one billion," explains Confinity Board of Advisers member Bill Melton, the founder of Verifone.