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v. con·formed, con·form·ing, con·forms
a. To be or act in accord with a set of standards, expectations, or specifications: a computer that conforms with the manufacturer's advertising claims; students learning to conform to school safety rules. See Synonyms at correspond.
b. To act, often unquestioningly, in accordance with traditional customs or prevailing standards: "Our table manners ... change from time to time, but the changes are not reasoned out; we merely notice and conform" (Mark Twain).
2. To be similar in form or pattern: a windy road that conforms to the coastline; a shirt that conforms to different body shapes.
To bring into accord or agreement; cause to correspond or comply: "a woman who has conformed herself to the male-designed image of virtuous widowhood so that she can live in peace" (Jennifer Panek). See Synonyms at adapt.

[Middle English conformen, from Old French conformer, from Latin cōnfōrmāre, to shape after : com-, com- + fōrmāre, to shape (from fōrma, shape).]

con·form′er n.
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15 and there are [approximately]3 times as many trans conformers in the amorphous zones as in the crystalline zones.
The trans conformers content was observed to increase with draw ratio at the expense of the gauche conformers for the three processes and the orientation of the trans conformers increases readily from the beginning of draw and saturates rapidly.
Similarly to the successful starting steps (4) of more recent developments (6) on nonlinear creep of macromolecular materials, let us first briefly consider as paradigm of those elementary structural features and motions a set of interchanging "gauche" and "trans" chain conformers.
In different conformers of the RR isomer, the carbonyl groups of the dioxolane linker can point into or out of the channel.
The most preferred gel characteristics for successful differential separation of single-strand conformers in the range of 200-300 bp, where the method should be most sensitive and reliable, are 12% acrylamide [3] and cross-linking ratios (%C) between 1 and 3 [4].
1 is Conformers, a module that allows scientists to probe geometry-property relationships for molecules.
Contract notice: Delivery of ophthalmic lenses and conformers (dzp-ab-271-179 / 2014).
However, as different conformers, or folded forms, of a particular protein have identical masses, it is virtually impossible to differentiate them by conventional means.
g]) the rotation and vibration of the molecular units is highly energetic and generates substantial free volume and little cooperative motion between conformers is required, i.
For a given peptide, the ratio of the conformers can be influenced by the solvent as LiCl-tetrahydrofuran [24], aqueous detergents [23], or the buffer conditions.