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n.1.A coming or bringing together, as in a public meeting, in a dispute, in the act of comparing, or in sexual intercourse.
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At a congression of some of the world's top chefs every year in Spain
Reflecting the anger of the congression over the US President Barack Obama's exchange of five Taliban leaders for a US soldier held captive for five years in Afghanistan, the House panel has planned to Impose new limits on the transfer of enemy combatants from the American prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
2003) reported that BPA from cracked polycarbonate caging caused meiotic aneuploidy in genetically susceptible female mice, and dosing this strain with 20 [micro]g/kg/day BPA for 7 days caused chromosome congression failure (disturbed metaphase chromosome alignment) during oocyte meiosis.
Tracking of relative chromosome movements during chromosome congression reveals that the arrangement of chromosomes in mitotic rosettes and interphase nuclei are spatially related.
Treasury officials indicated President Clinton would reveal the official surplus for fiscal 1998 ending in September at a White House ceremony, trumpeting the first surplus in 29 years for maximum political impact just days before next week's Congression al elections.
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