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n.1.A coming or bringing together, as in a public meeting, in a dispute, in the act of comparing, or in sexual intercourse.
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Republicans in Congression have questioned from the beginning whether the U.
AaAaAeAccentsTens of thousands of citizens across the country have stormed Congression district offices and town hall meetings to express their rage at the Trump agenda (a dejected Republican congressman, after a 3-hour verbal assault from his angry constituents, said on TV last night, "let's face it - they [the Obamacare supporters] have won.
Kinetochore motors drive congression of peripheral polar chromosomes by overcoming random arm-ejection forces.
Eric Olivarez has sought a congression commendation for an honest security guard who earlier this year returned an envelope containing over P1 million to its rightful owner.
At a congression of some of the world's top chefs every year in Spain
Reflecting the anger of the congression over the US President Barack Obama's exchange of five Taliban leaders for a US soldier held captive for five years in Afghanistan, the House panel has planned to Impose new limits on the transfer of enemy combatants from the American prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Congression included the provision that created the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) program in an effort to address concerns that a single carrier controls 50 percent or more of the commercial health insurance market in some states, and that two carriers dominate the market in many other states.
However, it was the study of the large living cells of Orthoptera and their micromanipulation, that helped resolve this problem and furthermore, disentangle the complex processes of chromosome attachment to the spindle, and their congression, orientation and segregation in mitosis and meiosis.
2003) reported that BPA from cracked polycarbonate caging caused meiotic aneuploidy in genetically susceptible female mice, and dosing this strain with 20 [micro]g/kg/day BPA for 7 days caused chromosome congression failure (disturbed metaphase chromosome alignment) during oocyte meiosis.
Tracking of relative chromosome movements during chromosome congression reveals that the arrangement of chromosomes in mitotic rosettes and interphase nuclei are spatially related.
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