Congreve rocket

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Con´greve rock´et

1.See congreve and cf. Rocket.
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Sixty-eight pounders to demolish huts of cocoanut boughs, and Congreve rockets to set on fire a few canoe sheds!
As gunnery became more accurate and reached longer ranges, the Congreve rocket was regarded as a curiosity and not developed further.
Fireworks, and Congreve rockets, have a heavy stick for the same reason.
Major General Ross's army of marines, sailors and other regular British troops was much smaller at 4,500 men, and at only 3 guns and a very inaccurate Congreve rocket brigade, their artillery force was lacking considerable firepower.
36) It is easily overlooked that modern missiles, of which the Congreve rocket was the principal forerunner, were an adaptation of festive fireworks.
The fate of new technologies such as the Congreve rocket could depend on these skills.
Congreve's son, (also William) invented the Congreve Rocket, which inspired the line `the rocket's red glare', in the American anthem.
After Sultan's defeat, the British improved on his rocket technology to develop the Congreve rockets that were deployed in the Napoleonic Wars and the 1814 Battle of Baltimore.
44 The famous British Congreve rockets were inspired by the successful use of rockets against British forces by which 18th-century opponents?